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    Top Dollar, Short Market TimeResults!

    The Helen Oliveri Team Strategy

    Top Dollar = Positioning Strategy

    Statistics confirm that if you market your home with a top broker at the right price and show your home well, you’ll net more money. The key to success is pricing and preparing your home for sale the right way. We will use comparable sold and active listings to help you position your home correctly in the current market. If your home is overpriced it will sit on the market and the longer a house is on the market the less money you are going to net. Buyers are looking for the best value, and if your house is not established attractively they will pass. Helen’s specialized skill of positioning and pricing is proven in her 96% average list to sale ratio. Our goal is to get you top dollar in the shortest amount of time, every time!

    Put Your Best Foot Forward – Set the Stage Properly

    Properly staged homes that show well have a competitive edge when selling and net an average of 7% higher. Using Helen’s tips we can make a lasting first impression to make a big impact on buyers. And as we all know, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! The Helen Oliveri Team offers professional pictures to market your home and make the first impression that will get buyers to your door. Helen has sold 1,500+ homes in her career and knows what buyers expect to see. Setting up your home to show well is just as crucial as pricing your home right.

    Exposure is key – You Must Be on the Internet

    If people can’t find your home, they can’t buy it. Exposure is key and 90% of all home buyers start their home search online. We’ve developed a website that drives hundreds of buyers to our listings. We also market our homes on the Big 3 real estate online portals – Realtor.com, Trulia.com, and Zillow.com. We showcase your home as a featured listing including professional photography, virtual tours, video tours and more. Excessive exposure means you’ll be on over 130 websites locally and nationally by the time we’re done and more buyers mean more chances for offers. Finding you easily means less market time and more offers means top dollar!

    The Power of the People – Social Media and Email Marketing

    Today’s social world means that people talk. Our business model includes social media to create a buzz about your home! You never know where the next buyer will come from, so we do it all. Front Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to Blogs and even U-Tube we work the social media market with intense e-market campaigning with thousands of subscribers. You’ll be amazed how word of mouth can create sales success. We’ll market your house to our devoted followers through posts, photo galleries and videos to ensure it’s trending.   List with us and we’ll present your home to our database creating more opportunities to sell your home than you’d expect!

    Local Awareness – Direct Mail and Advertising Campaigns

    Creating awareness about our properties generates results. That’s why we don’t bat an eye spending thousands of dollars in both direct mail and print. You can expect maximum exposure with our local mailing initiatives and mass print ad marketing. We work hard finding that next buyer so you can expect to participate in several local publications and be promoted in local and national markets to get the most qualified buyers. You’ll only sell to one buyer, but the more exposure means the quicker we’ll find that one needle in the haystack.

    Get Ahead of the Curve – Technology and Communications

    With all of today’s technology, communication is easier than ever, that is for those willing to embrace technology. We are at the forefront with our beautifully renovated 2,200 square foot office featuring advanced technological solutions. We are wireless, digital and paperless. We make doing business with us efficient and convenient for you. We have incorporated an electronic contract signing procedure which makes signing documents a breeze. Just sign from an IPAD, computer smartphone or more and we will build you your own personalized platform so communication and easy access is always a phone call or click away!

    Get the Best Deal Possible – Expert Negotiations

    Negotiation is a special skill that Helen excels at. Getting all parties to come to an agreement smoothly and efficiently requires savvy and attention to detail. You can rely on her solid advice and experience to create a fair and equitable transaction for your ultimate success. Pulling together a deal requires personal drive and an understanding of personalities. With over 1,500 transactions, you can bet that Helen is a fiercely experienced and successful negotiator who will get you the best deal. To get the best price, get Helen in your corner and she’ll fight for you every step of the way!

    It’s About Who You Know – Networking

    We know the market inside and out, but we strengthen that with a personalized knowledge of our community. This is where we live and play, so we are deeply ingrained within our communities. We make it our business to know what’s happening in our neighborhoods to maintain top market leaders. We know all of the comparable properties and often have buyers and agents calling to ask us if we have new listings coming to the market. We have exclusive “Buyer Specialists” who focus only on buyers, so in many cases we have buyers waiting for your home to be listed with us. We network incessantly to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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    Helen is a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the current market and gives good and honest advice regarding pricing. She responds to phone calls and email in a very timely way. She has surrounded herself with a great team of professionals and they get the job done! I will recommend her to anyone looking for a great realtor.
    Mark and Bernadette Krzmarzick - Hawthorn Woods, IL
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