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Helen’s FREE Special Reports are just one of the ways she helps home buyers and home sellers with the information they need to maximize their real estate success.

How and Why to BUy-1Report #1 – How & Why to Buy a Home in a Buyers Market
Now is a great time to buy real estate. Prices are falling, and so are mortgage rates. Millions of homes are for sale, and sellers are very interested in selling. This guide will help you to decide how and why you should buy a home in this unique market. The opportunities are endless! 



Top 20 Mrtg Mistakes -1Report #2 – Top 20 Mortgage Mistakes Buyers Make and How to Avoid Them
For most people, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make. However, few people do the research necessary to make a good buying decision. We know that the home-purchasing process can be extremely confusing, so we have put together this free report to help educate you on the home buying and mortgage process.


Helen believes in making the real estate and relocation process as easy as possible for everyone involved. To her that means providing information to anyone who wants to find out more about the area she loves so much and knows so well. To get your copy FREE, simply fill out the contact form on the right side of the page and specify which of the reports you would like to receive.

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My sale was not your average sale. I had a number of extenuating circumstances that made my deal difficult.  Helen dealt with those circumstances and brought the deal to a successful close. I locked myself out of my house on two occasions and Helen’s team was able to “beam” a code to the lock box and on a real time basis get me access. My overall experience with Helen Oliveri and the Helen Oliveri Team was excellent. We sold at 94% of the asking price.
Kevin Weller - Hawthorn Woods, IL
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