Home Inspections Expectations

    To put it simply, a home inspection is discovering the problems with a home that could pose a hazard to the residents, or cost a significant amount of money to fix. In fact, it could be both of these.  Even a relatively new home can have problems that have been undetected. While most sellers are cringing at hearing this, it will help with appraisal and essentially the price your home will sell for.  It’s better to know up front than to have your deal fall through at the last moments, and let’s face it: the buyer will want one.

    A home inspector will inspect the condition of the structure. He will also verify that the home is to code. The local code is important to the inspector and they will ensure that the home meets it.  Below is a list of the items that should be checked.

    • Water and sewer lines –  home-inspection1The video equipment that is available today will allow a thorough inspection of the main sewer line to watch for cracks and blockages.
    • Electrical – This includes the outlets and the circuit breakers
    • Structural Integrity – Slab homes should be checked for interior cracks and for dirt that is washing out from under the slab outside.
    • Doors & Windows – These will be checked for drafts and air leaks
    • Basement -The biggest basement concern is mold.
    • Furnace – The air quality will also be checked for carbon monoxide.


    To get more information, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email helen@helenoliveri.com and she will help you with all your home buying and selling concerns.

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